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Scavenger's Journey leads you through several communities in Central South Dakota on Interstate 90, branching off on SD Hwy 44 and US Hwy 281.
You'll find a treasure trove of goods and hospitality by visiting the vendors & businesses in our participating towns. This one-of-a-kind South Dakota event is brought to you by numerous volunteers & supporters in the towns who make it possible.


  • What is the Scavenger’s Journey?
    Scavenger’s Journey is an approximately 250 mile long shopping experience consisting of yard sales, organized flea markets, farmer’s markets, specialty shops and more. It is being modeled after similar existing events like Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt and the Kansas Highway 36 Treasure Hunt and other similar events across the country. It is our hope that this event will grow to include more communities each year and become a fun activity that brings people to South Dakota. Our small towns have a lot to offer and we feel this could be a nice boost for them. From East to West, the following communities and their surrounding areas are participating: Plankinton, Stickney, White Lake, Kimball, Platte, Geddes, Wagner, Lake Andes, Pukwana, Chamberlain, Oacoma, Reliance, Presho, Gregory, Murdo, Draper, Midland, Kadoka, Philip and Wall.
  • How can I participate in the Scavenger’s Journey?
    - Obtain a registration from a online. Submit it online or print it from the Scavenger’s Journey website. - If you are not from the area and/or don’t have a place to set up, ask a coordinator about the options available for set up. There are also organized multi-dealer flea markets with limited spaces available. Note: Multi-dealer sites may require additional fees. - Complete your registration form. If filled out online, pay via PayPal or if printed, attach the registration fee, and mail directly to the address provided on the registration form by the deadline. Late registrations will not make it into the Scavenger’s Journey Official Guidebook, but will receive official participant sign. - Note: Off-site rummage sales (not in your home) are required to charge sales tax, as applicable. - Get ready for your sale!
  • What should I sell?
    Anything that is legal for you to sell! Clean out that garage, closet, old shed or barn. Remember the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” This is most certainly true – you never know what will sell. Give it a shot, you never know who's treasure it could be!
  • What will the registration fees be used for?
    The registration fees will go towards advertising and printing the official Scavenger’s Journey Guidebooks.
  • Who do I contact for more information about Scavenger’s Journey?
    Elaine Titze - 605-999-7287 Connie Assmus –605-680-1674
  • How can I help promote the Scavenger’s Journey?
    “Like” and share our page and advertisements on Facebook. If you have a place to hang a poster or display brochures, we can provide you with some. More than anything, word of mouth can help by telling your family and friends. Please encourage them to participate in the Scavenger’s Journey by either having a sale, or shopping the route.
  • Do I need to charge sales tax on items I sell?
    If you have a rummage sale in your home, you are not required to charge sales tax. All off-site rummage sales, flea markets and similar are required to charge sales tax, as applicable.
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