TOWN CONTACTS: Deb Swanson: (605) 680-3272  ~

                         Pam Petrak: (605) 680-1316  ~

                         Wanda Rus: (605) 222-0383  ~

LOCATION TO PURCHASE A SCAVENGER'S JOURNEY BOOK: Old West Trading Post, Fabulous Finds and Lakeview Sinclair

Located in central South Dakota, next to the Missouri River, we have a quality of life that people here love and enjoy.  Visit Chamberlain's city website.


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CBS Flooring & Chamberlain Building Supp
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Eastwards Art Gallery - Chamberlain.jpg
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Lakeview Sinclair - Chamberlain.tif

Burke Oil Company, Inc.

1200 E. King St.


Friday 8AM-5PM

Refined fuels and

propane products

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Quilt Shop - Chamberlain.tif

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Central Dakota Times - Chamberlain.jpg
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State Theatre - Chamberlain copy.jpg
First Dakota National Bank - Chamberlain copy.jpg